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Marriage Bonds: Found in the Southern states, the groom or bride posted a bond in a public place of the bride's county in case the marriage was nullified.
Marriage Banns: The church would announce three times the intent to marry in case there were any objections.
Consent Affidavit: A guardian would sign this document to grant permission for his ward to marry.
Declaration of Intention: Couple would file a document with a town clerk who would post it in a public place in case there were any objections.
Contract: The pending marriage was viewed as a legally binding business contract (prenups) to protect the assets of the party's.
Annulment: A retroactive declaring the marriage invalid.
Marriage License: A civil authority issued a license to couple
Marriage Return: After marriage the officiant completed the marriage return and send it to the local registrar
Marriage Certificate: A document given to the couple after the ceremony.
Marriage Register: Town or counties kept registers of civil and religious marriages reported to them.
Newspaper Announcement: Newspaper notices of engagement, wedding and anniversary .
Divorce Petition and Decree: Court action to dissolve a marriage.     

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